High assurance biometrics solutions provide improved security and efficiencies for identity management, access to critical facilities, warfighter support, immigration control, intelligence analysis, guest worker programs and national identity programs.

As an integrator, DavZion employs hardware and software solutions from a variety of sources. We work with the leading biometrics companies in the world to meet our customer’s requirements. The integrator’s responsibility — our responsibility — is to provide the best solutions to our customers on time and on budget.

An End-to-End Solution Approach

DavZion approaches biometrics solutions from all angles, evaluating new and emerging biometrics technologies including fingerprint, facial and iris capture devices, as well as back-end, large scale, biometric matching systems.

DavZion makes use of recognized biometrics experts dedicated to addressing challenges such as optimizing large-scale biometrics systems, or remote high speed biometrics identification. As a biometrics systems integrator, we explore industry-best alternatives and integrate them into comprehensive solutions.